The Promotion Movie

I just happened to come by this new Sean Willaim Scott movie. He is definitely changing his style, getting away from the whole college cool boy routine, and trying out a bit more polished comedy in this one.

Sean william Scott and John C. Reilly star in this comedy. Doug Stauber (Scott) is an assistant manager of a convenience grocery store trying to come up with a way to become noticed and provide for him and his fiancee.


Richard Welhner (Reilly) is an assistant manager brought down from a store in his home of Canada (not sure where). Stauber finds out about a new store about to be built and is told by his boss (played by Fred Armisan) that he is a shoe in for store manager. However, rivalry soon occurs when Welhner states he will be vying for the position as well. The two stay in a constant state of competition and one upness as Welhner tries to learn how to become a better person through audio tapes, and Stauber tries to become a provider and get a house for him and his fiancee (played by Jenna Fischer). Who will win over the corporate execs to get the coveted store manager position? Will Welhner ever truly learn how to better himself through audio tapes? Will there ever be any store resolve for the many issues it has? Only watching the movie will tell you.


Now to scrutinize! First off I was not blown away by any of the acting or the writing. Much like one of my previous reviews Everything Gone Green I can see what the director wanted to portray but he just doesn’t show it. Often times the jokes are lost to some other action going on in the scene. Scott, who normally goes all out for his roles, really plays himself down and this time he really shouldn’t have. Reilly didn’t have his usual chemistry that I am used to either and the supporting characters just weren’t built strong enough to support this one. I did like the overall theme and I didn’t mind too much the lackluster scenery as it set the feeling of a middleclass struggle. Overall there just wasn’t enough to propel this to even rental status.

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