Salt Movie Review

“SALT”: A collection of hidden wills

The movie has a thrilling opening which almost maintains its very state by the end. Although the movie is of action type, the director is expected to be loyal to at least Newton laws in classic physics. In some scenes of the movie, unnecessary exaggerated actions have been designed for Salt (Jolie). For instance, when she is on the run in the express-ways, she jumps off the vehicles so unbelievably. It seems that Angelina Jolie is forgotten in the mind of director for minutes and substituted by Pierce Brosnan. Even at the end, the way she jumps down to follow the elevator of President may remind the viewer Master Li Mu Bai in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Jolie can discuss this issue with Brad Pitt as “Tom Bishop” in the movie “Spy Game” where he played a more believable and realistic role as a CIA agent.

The movie “SALT” exhibits a brilliant idea which is mentioning to this fact that nobody knows nobodies’ intent in a system. While Evelyn Salt is after her own goals, Ted Winter follows another mission and both serve under the name of CIA. The personality of Salt with this degree of violence and feeling of revenge is nicely contrasted by a romantic relationship with her husband. However, the idea of saving the world from nuclear threat by a single-handed woman who has specialty in lethal weapons is not acceptable. When US president and his guards are in a safe shelter one may vividly remember “Air Force One”: Russian terrorism and US president in one chamber. This time, the story is tens of feet under the ground whereas in previous story US president and terrorists were thousands of feet above the ground. National security advisor introduces himself and gets killed right away in both movies in an unbelievable similar way. In contrast to “Air Force One”, there is no Harrison Ford in “SALT” to play a heroic role as the US president and kill all terrorists. Besides, symbols electrifying the American spirit are not used in this movie.


While the open-ended movies have their own fans, these types of works should obey reasonable rules. The viewers should not be left on the seats of cinema after the play with contradictory options about the rest of the story. It is unclear why Salt is abetted to run away by Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor). What unfinished mission she was released to accomplish?! She had taken revenge from the persons who had terminated her life. In the meantime, she has killed many US citizens (security forces) and there is no reason that a CIA agent lets her go.

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