Outsourced Movie Review

Wow – this feel-good Indy film that for me, has delivered more than every movie of its genre to date this year. Grab some popcorn and get comfy because this is going to be a long review.

When asked to check out this new independent film, obviously we jumped at the chance, a free DVD screener, who wouldn’t? We were incredibly anxious for its delivery via fed-ex so, whilst waiting eagerly on the front porch for its arrival, we did a little research. (thank you Wi-Fi!)

So it seems the people behind the new movie “Outsourced” are very ballsey. If you didn’t already know, they opted to distribute the movie themselves, via there website and select theaters. I love this attitude and fighting spirit, future Indy film producers, take note.

Now, onto the review.

From the opening sequence you can tell that this movie means business. Some stunning cinematography and gorgeous shots of downtown Seattle accompanied by a pretty stellar soundtrack, This movie takes no time at all getting started. We’re introduced to Josh Hamilton playing Todd Anderson. A customer service/sales manager. This guy is great, I don’t know why we haven’t seen a lot more of him. He’s done some notable TV but I think once his performance in this movie gets picked up, he will be in a lot more demand.

 Pretty basic stuff, right to the point, no time wasted. Just how I like my movies.

The lead actress, Ayesha Dharker playing Asha, an Indian call center employee, looks absolutely stunning on camera, there is something about her smile, it just lights up the screen. The casting for this movie, in a nutshell, is perfect. The characters being played are so believable, charismatic and charming, there chemistry is intoxicating. This is one of those films where it just all comes together perfectly and is a real pleasure to watch.

Now, the topic of this movie is one I feel very strongly about – Outsourcing work overseas. You can read and discuss more on this over in the forums. I think the movie did a amazing job in bringing these two completely different cultures together, without potentially angering people due to the nature of the subject and the history between the two. To me, it was an honest, humorous look at what is actually happening in the world, completely balanced in its opinions, never going to far. Two very big thumbs up, nicely done.

The romance is just simply adorable. It’s very rare I seen a movie where the characters just look and feel so good together. The Humor, although a little over the top at times, was of the laugh out loud caliber.

Something else I really enjoyed was the subtle lessons in middle eastern religion and beliefs. Not often a movie teaches you new things, especially when presented in a humorous way. Looking back, I now know more about India than I think I ever did, some of its heritage, religion and its customs. Genius!


I don’t think I will say this again in the next six months, but – go and buy this movie. If your lucky enough to have it show in your city – go and see this movie. If you cannot get out, nor afford a copy for yourself, spread the word. digg/stumble this review, visit there website, tell your friends… The more we support our independent film producers, the more of these quality films they can give us.

Such a charming, delightful – will watch again soon – 9/10.

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