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  • Published:5/30/2015 2:28:00 PM
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Eduardo Martin Menez, the Ambassador of Philippines in Iran:

I like to show Iranian Movies in Philippines

According to the report of Public Affairs of 5th Urban International Film Festival, the Ambassador of Philippines who is attending the festival at Mellat Cinema Pardis watches Iranian movies.

Eduardo Martin Menez talked about his presence in Iran and said: I’ve been in Iran for two years and I was always interested in cinema either, also I know Iranian movies have been seen, well-known and respectable in the world. I’ve attended at different festivals held in Tehran during past few years and I’ve also visited Mr. Ayoubi at this time.

He continued: It’s very interesting for me to know how Iranian and Filipino cinemas can learn from each other and even we have plans and projects for it.

The Ambassador of Philippines pointed out to the reason of his presence at 5th Urban International Film Festival as watching Iranian movies with subtitles and added: by watching the films participated in the festival, we are going to select some of films to show in Philippines.

He noted: watching Iranian films gives me a better view of Iran’s society, culture, problems and ordinary life of people.

Martin Menez expressed that a diplomat is going to introduce his own country and said: it requires to know about problems, society, governments and culture of other countries. Also as I am living here the more I know the people, I would do my job better and find the necessary common points among the two countries’ culture.

He also noted that many people know Iran based on the definitions heard from the others and said: many people don’t know true face of Iran and they have no idea what culture exists in Iran.

The culture-loving Ambassador responded to the question that in his view, Iran and Philippines could have co-production with each other and mentioned: I am not filmmaker but due to the points I’ve seen in Iranian movies I think some of them has also happened in the Philippines society, we can achieve the common points in filmmaking. For example the young people’s immigration issue is considered in many Iranian films and it’s the issue that is seen in Philippines even more than Iran and many people want to migrate and go from where they are.

Eduardo Martin Menez emphasized at the end: I will come to Urban International Film Festival in coming days to watch more films and I’ll bring other people from Embassy with myself.